box linea
 The best solution for running race.
Ideal for simple 5k/10k as well as for long marathons/trails
A lightweight and robust Box.
Waterproof and anti-shock
Long lasting batteries
Wi-Fi / 3G and  Bluetooth
Just one line for the maximum detection precision
software chip
 The Race Manager timing software, easy to use,  guides you through all the steps from race creation, to subscriptions, timing and ranking publishing IDC Multisport Chip as reusable solution, life guaranteed.
IDC Disposable Chip for big events.



Running competitions represent the most complex challenge that every timing system has to face.

The typical scenario is a Marathon with a start line in which the athletes are waiting for the gun start, in a dense crowd environment.

This means hundreds of chip to be retrieved and identified in the correct sequence, in a very close time interval.

Hence the old timing system put on the ground multiple groundmat lines, to create redundancy, due to the the limited performance of the old identification technology (125 KHz).

With IDchronos, this is no more a critical aspect.

Thanks to the multi-channel, anti-collision identification algorithm, IDchronos can handle up to 1.000 chip per second crossing the starting line, giving to each competitor the exact chip to chip time