A new partnership between IDchronos and myWER, a young and dynamic Italian company made up of motorcycle enthusiasts with years of experience in the field of motor racing that has developed thanks to the collaboration of industry professionals, including timekeepers from various types and levels, and of professional timing systems that offer the best price/performance ratio available on the market today.

These systems are indicated for both professional timekeepers, go- kart racing tracks, motocross tracks as well as small, medium or large sized racetracks and are adaptable to a track on asphalt, dirt, ice or snow. From this personal line of products myWER has made its core business, and has as its target to design and produce internally all the hardware components required for a complete timing system (transponders, decoders, lap timer, etc. ).

The myWER systems, thanks to its synergy and integration with the best management software that is currently on the market at a national and Europe level, are able to satisfy any type of needs.

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