Disposable Chip for Shoe

IDC disposable chip for shoe/bib. The most reliable and cheap solution for huge events


IDC disposable chip for shoe has been specifically developed to meet the strict detection requirements for dense and crowded competitions.

Made with a strong plastic layer to avoid tear-off during handling operations, it’s equipped with small adhesive area on the sides, which guarantees a proper placement on the shoe.

The plastic material on the upper face ensures a low cost and reliable thermal transfer print for customization and serialization purposes.

The IDC disposable embeds a hi-performance state of art UHF passive chip (batteryless), which guarantees a powerful and precise detection over the IDC Groundmat line.


Chip RFID UHF Passive Transponder 866-868 MHz (EU) 902-915 Mhz (FCC)
Dimensions Width 175 mm
Height 30 mm
Detection Range Over 5 meters (in vertical over mats)
Material Permanent adhesive back layer on sides Plastic face
Delivery format Roll of 500 units
Thermal Operating temperature +32°F to +158°F (-10°C to +60°C)
Allowed attaching temperature +32°F to +135°F (-0°C to +35°C)