The most practical chip's solution for MTB timing services

Tabella PVC per MTB

How to combine the robustness and ingenuity of a classic handlebar MTB plate and a passive chip?

Thanks to the new IDchronos MTB Plate now it's possible to have a neat PVC table and a reliable UHF chip in an unique support.

Built in waterproof PVC, customizable graphic, double integrated chip, it's the most practical solution for race manager who wants to deliver a professional MTB timing service.

Size and thickness, holes as well as numbering and graphic are fully customizable on request.


Chip 2 x UHF EPC Class1/Gen2 – 96 bit
Dimensions Length 150 mm ± 0.5 mm
Height 150 mm ± 0.2 mm
Tickness 0.5/1.0mm mm ± 0.2 mm
Color White Graphic layout and serial numbering is customizable
Mounting holes External diameter 3 x 4 mm ± 0.2 mm
Mechanical Material PVC
Shock IEC 68.2.29 * 40g, 18ms, 6 axis, 2000times
Industrial Protection IP68 Waterproof
Thermal Stock Temperature - 20°C a +50°C * 1x 1000h
* 1x120h
Operating Temperature -10°C a +50°C